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Sword & Sorcery

Sword & Sorcery by Ares games, a long awaited kickstarter arrived this week. The box and contents were in perfect condition which is always pleasing to see from the postal lottery. A few models needing the usual warming up and…
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Over the last couple of years kickstarter has hosted a number of great looking fantasy style adventure games, which i selectively back where i think they could challenge my top lists. I am starting to receive some of these and…
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Massive Darkness

The launch of high quality dungeon questing games continued with another kickstarter last year from Cmon, called Massive Darkness. With Castle Ravenloft, Descent 2nd Edition, Warhammer Quest, Silver Tower and Sword & Sorcery already competing in this genre it is…
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The City Of Kings

Yet another fabulous recent kickstarter is called The City Of Kings. This is a fantasy adventure with hidden map tiles to turn over as you quest through the land and with set stories to follow, or one off scenarios to achieve….
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