Crusaders Games

Monthly Update – May

hammerhalMay update – a brief monthly look at which games i am currently playing or spending my hobby time on. Numerous kickstarters continue to occupy my thoughts as new adventure games are coming, it is getting harder to sift out the ones i would want, or indeed can afford. I am selling a few games to fund new launches, and there will be a lot of change in the main recommended lists over the coming months as new games start arriving, more so than any previous year.

Group Games

Gloomhaven remains the main group game being played in regular sunday afternoon sessions, and sadly my wonderful Vermin Mindthief character went into retirement this month to be replaced by a Summoner. This game remains a fantastic experience, heroes have unique theme and ability, and the layered slowly revealing map and use of combat cards is simply inspired. Silver Tower also saw a couple of very enjoyable game session this month, the Ogroid and his Tzeentch followers initially proving too strong in the spore caves for the brave heroes, but on a second run victory was secured. Everyone really enjoyed this great scenario in the fungus caverns. 

Solo Games

During this month i put away Thunderstone Advance and have returned to Lord of the Rings LCG working my way through Sands of Harad box expansion. The artwork in this set is amazing and the desert theme a nice change and i am really enjoying bringing this game back out for the first time this year. Too Many Bones remains my other game at the top of my home play list, although i have still barely scratched the surface of the many characters included. It is a lovely game and a high entry into the fantasy adventure games list. 

Modelling & Painting

Shadows over Hammerhal continues to occupied my hobby time. This new version is underground dungeon themed, has a great backstory, towns to visit and new heroes and monsters. I have been enjoying painting the heroes this month but will likely miss my goal of finishing them all before the end of may. However progress is good and soon just the acolytes will remain.

Coming Soon

June will see the arrival  of Sword & Sorcery which is very exciting. Also Gloom of Kilforth is likely to finish production, so i am due both a new miniatures and a card game soon. I am not sure where i will get the time to play them though but i will post my thoughts once they have arrived.