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Hammerhal – Painting Characters

My target is to have all the Hammerhal characters and Bloodreavers painted by the end of May, and this will only leave the acolytes, which I already have ten completed and usable from Silver Tower. Character models are largely more enjoyable to paint due to their specific personalities, and I begun with the Chaos Lord, trying a black robed approach offset by gold armour.

My first completed hero is the Cogsmith, and whilst i prefer the Fireslayer dwarf from Silver Tower dwarf, painted up this one is a combination of copper and silver metallic with armour, gadgets and weapons. I am adding flock to the hero bases as I did for Silver Tower to make them stand out a little more.

The Elf Loremaster is a great model, who i decided to paint in a green and brown wood elf theme style, as these have always been my favourite elven faction. I am really pleased with how he turned out.

The Black Art Fleetmaster is another fantastic model, and now one of my all time favourites painted up. His cloak detail is amazing, I went for a predominantly purple colour with some gold effect to the cloak scales.

Only one more hero to go, although he comes with a griffin which effectively makes it two models, and two final Bloodreavers to do to hit the target.