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Ravage – Dungeons of Plunder

ravageA dungeon crawl game is currently on kickstarter and is available at a relatively low price for these types of games. It is standee rather than miniatures based, and uses a deck of cards to lay out the dungeon rather than thick cardboard tiles, which will ultimately help keep the costs of production down, and will also give it a smaller footprint and box to transport around. The main twist in this game is that you will play up to 4 different Orc’s as your heroes (beserker, hunter, cultist and shaman), and encounter both monsters and wandering human heroes within the dungeon. It is dice based combat, and there are ways to level up your hero skills and buy new equipment to use as your progress. There are a number of quests to complete in a campaign style and it is notable that the dungeon itself is randomly generated, which is very popular for those of use who play the original Warhammer Quest game. Main bosses will have their own intelligence deck of cards for their attacks. The general artwork and theme of this game really does look well presented, and hopefully it will be a success and be expanded into some new adventures. Overall it looks a neat, relatively simple but involving dungeon crawl game, which caters for different play styles included solo and co-operative. It would be really good to get more add ons and the linen finish on the cards, so you can find more detail and back the game here > Ravage – Dungeons of Plunder